Dental Loans Bad Credit


Finding dental loans with bad credit can be a challenging task. Sometimes you can get friends or relative to co sign for a dental loan or they may loan you the cash you need. However, if your unable to there are a few other alternatives to getting dental financing with bad credit.

One alternative for bad credit dental loans is a credit community website called, which is a marketplace for credit that enables people to lend money to other people in a safe, efficient manner. Prosper's founding principle is that people from close communities act more responsibly towards each other. Prosper leverages this powerful concept of group responsibility and applies it to person-to-person lending—resulting in better interest rates for people that borrow and lend. Prosper enables people to create groups, which borrowers can join and request 3-year, fully amortized loans from $1000 to $25,000 with a credit score as low as 520.

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Another way to secure dental loans with bad credit is to shop dentists to see if they offer a payment plan. Some dentist will have in-house payment plans available without a credit check. You may want to also ask them if they will accept a series of post dated checks.

Next, there are discount dental plans available from companies that make contracts with dentists that enables you to get dental procedures done at up to 50% off the normal cost. You can find these plans On-line and are available at a monthly or yearly rate at a fairly cheap price. Once you sign up you can take advantage of the benefits immediately.

You may also want to check with major hospitals in your area that also perform dental work. Some hospitals offer discounted and even free medical plans that include dental if your income meets their criteria (based on dependents and income). One such hospital is Metrohealth, located in Cleveland Ohio. These hospitals don't normally freely advertise these discounted dental plans and insurance plans available so you will want to contact them by phone.

Finally, you may want to contact dental schools in the area where you live. These schools and colleges will accept patients at a very discounted price and sometimes totally free of charge so they can show their students how the dental work is performed.

Disclaimer: The information above was written in good faith, but we cannot guarantee accuracy or credit approval. If you feel there is a inaccuracy or if you are aware of any company, hospital or dentist that provides discounted dental work or provides dental financing or payment plans to people with bad credit, please email us at