Thomas Vargo/Author

Thomas Vargo is a chief editor and a contributing author of Consumer Bad Credit Guide and has been covering news on consumer credit for over ten years. Thomas is always on top of the most important topics in credit. With ten years of covering topics relating to credit and how credit scores affect the consumers ability to get loans and credit cards. Thomas has been called a dedicated person to helping the consumer.
Enticing Designs Publishing
Thomas is also the President of Enticing Designs Publishing, a Ohio company started in 2004 that specializes in website design and publishing that is tailored towards helping small businesses get the visibility they need on the worldwide web. Enticing Designs Publishing has been applauded many times by their customers for their dedication to helping out the entrepreneur with limited start-up funds, at no-charge.

Before his publishing career, Thomas was actively involved in stock trading, real estate developing, and helping to advise consumers about mortgage loans.

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