How To Avoid Debt Collectors In The U.S.


If you owe a debt that is past due and been hounded non stop, there are ways to protect your privacy if had tried to work with the creditor and it has gotten you no where. They do not care if you are out of work, over run with debt, or are disabled. They just want the money and sometimes at the expense of your mental and physical well being. Here you are going to learn how they operate and how to protect yourself.

If you owe a debt you should pay it, but for millions of American's they find the debt collection process a total nightmare. Creditors don't usually track people down. Their in-house collection procedures go about as far as a few series of letters and phone calls followed up by a few threats, then they turn the account over to a collection agency. But what do you do if a collector is calling you at work, sending you mail, calling your neighbors and generally making your life a total nightmare? You hide! I know, sounds like I am unprofessional not paying your debts, but just the opposite. You should pay your debts if you owe them but if you are unable and can't take the prying anymore, there is still hope.

Here are a few tips you can use to avoid being hunted down by a debt collector.

1) If you move, do not forward your mail. This will prevent the debt collector from locating your new address.

2) If you change your phone number, list it as private to prevent debt collectors from calling you non-stop at home.

3) If you get a civil judgment against you, remove your money from your bank accounts to prevent your account being seized by the debt collector. If you need a checking or savings account, open one out of state. Most debt collectors will not search for out of state bank accounts.

4) If you get a new job, do not tell the debt collector where you are working. This will help prevent them from garnishing your wages at your new place of unemployment even if your wages were being garnished at your last job.

5) Lastly, try not to apply for new loans. Some creditors sell your loan information. This will help prevent them from finding your new address if you moved and finding your new place of employment if you just got a new job.

If you need information on your legal civil rights against being harassed by creditors. Please read Fair Debt Collection Practices By Law, which is list under our topic menu.

You may want to also read Statute Of Limitations Law on old past due debt.

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