What is on my credit report file in Canada


Information about you and your credit history and include the following:

Personal details such as: name: residential address: date of birth: drivers licence number:

Credit applications and enquiries you have made during the past five years

Records of some current credit accounts

Overdue Accounts (Defaults) which may have been listed against your name

Bankruptcy information


Public record information such as Directorships and Proprietorships

How long does information stay on my credit report

Credit applications, enquiries and overdue accounts are held on your file for five years
Bankruptcy information is held on your file for seven years (prior to January 1998, Bankruptcy information was held for five years)

Clearout information is held for seven years

Court Judgments are held for five years (excluding ACT)

Queensland & WA Writs & Summons are held on file for four years

Identity information, which includes name, date of birth, sex, drivers license, address history, and cross-reference names (if any) are held for the life of the credit file. This information is used to distinguish the credit file from others held in the database

Purge dates are calculated on the date the information was added to the file, and are based on the time limits provided in the Privacy Act 1988. Files are scanned each month and out of date information is automatically purged to ensure the files are accurate.

NB: Even when an overdue account or clearout has been brought up to date or paid in full, it will not be removed from your file. All overdue account listings remain on file for five years from the date of listing. All clearout listings remain on file for seven years. The fact that an account has become overdue, and then been paid becomes part of your credit history.