Obtaining a credit card in Australia with bad or no credit


Your credit report plays a important role when trying to obtain a unsecured credit card in Australia. Many banks in Australia are unwilling to give a person credit with a bad or not so good credit history. Currently, we are unaware of any banks that will approve a individual with negative credit without a cosigner for a unsecured credit card. However, if your a student and are looking to build a credit history from scratch, we have a list of banks and financial institutions that issue student credit cards.

Secured credit cards for people with bad credit in Australia

Secured credit cards are a great way to rebuild your credit. Most secured credit card companies require you to secure the credit line with equity in your home or with cash. When accepting a secured card offer make sure they report your payment monthly to the major credit bureaus. Making your payments on time every month will increase your credit rating and in return will increase your chances of getting a unsecured credit line in the future.

Unfortunately, at this time we are currently unaware of any banks offering secured credit cards in Australia. However, you may want to check with your local banks to see if they can offer you this program.

Prepaid credit card providers in Australia for On-Line purchases

Prepaid Credit Cards are a excellent alternative for making on-line purchases, car rentals, and hotel reservations. These prepaid cards are much safer than carrying cash with you and are available for business and personal use. Many of these card providers charge a small monthly service fee and/or transaction fee. Your credit line is the amount you preload on your card. Please note that prepaid credit cards neither helps or hurts your credit rating.

We have provided a list of financial institutions that will provide you with a prepaid Visa or Master Card in Australia.

Although all information has been written in good faith and reviewed, please email us at [email protected] to report any inaccuracies or if you know of any banks or financial institutions, that we have not already added to our list, who accept and approve credit card applications to people with a less then perfect credit rating.