Obtaining your annual credit report in Ireland


If you are refused credit you are entitled to information on your credit references which may have influenced the refusal. You may also have information rectified or erased, or have a statement appended where the data is incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant to the purpose for which it is kept.

If the information is held on computer you are entitled to access under the Data Protection Act 1988. Where the information is not automated (not held on computer) you also have rights of access under the Consumer Credit Act 1995.

The main consumer credit reference bureau is the Irish Credit Bureau Tel. (01) 260 0388. Here the consumer can access credit reference material held on computer under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1988.

There is normally a charge of £5 (€6.34) for accessing any credit information. This must be paid when the necessary background information is being supplied with the application. It is not refunded if there is no information about you.

What if there is a mistake on my record?

Mistakes can and do happen. They may be caused by either you or your lender. For example: you might make a mistake in completing a direct debit form and miss a loan repayment; or your lender might have agreed to let you postpone payments for a period, but forgot to note this on the report it sends to the credit reference agency. If you find a mistake in your record, ask your lender to write to the credit reference agency and ask them to change your record. Most lenders will act to amend your credit record immediately. However, if you experience problems or delays or if your lender fails to put things right for you, you have the right to refer the matter to the Data Protection Commissioner.

Please note that credit reference agencies cannot change your credit record unless they receive a formal request from your lender.

Useful Contacts

Irish Credit Bureau House
Clonskeagh Road
Dublin 14
Tel. (01) 2600388
Fax. (01) 2600390

The Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs
4-5 Harcourt Road
Dublin 2.

This office enforces the Consumer Credit Act, 1995. For queries on the consumer credit telephone the helpline at (01) 4025555

The Ombudsman for the Credit Institutions
8 Adelaide Court
Dublin 2.

The Ombudsman is an independent arbitrator, responsible for resolving complaints made by consumers against banks or building societies.
Telephone: (01) 478 3755

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