Prepaid Credit Cards In Ireland



There are thousands of shops selling Ukash in Ireland and because it is available at newsagents, kiosks and places you can top up your mobile, you'll never be far from a shop. Ukash is delivered as a ready-to-spend PIN code, which can be used to pay directly at one of the thousands of Ukash-friendly websites. You get Ukash by converting your cash at any one of thousands of locations across Ireland and/or online bank transfer. Ukash is as easy to use as cash itself. You do not need a card or financial details. You can be any age. Helps avoid fraud or identity theft. Has no statements, charges or fees.

To learn more about Ukash visit their website at

3V Voucher - from Permanent TSB

3V Vouchers are a new way to buy online that everyone aged 16 or over who has the use of a mobile phone and email address can use. They allow you to shop safely and more securely without needing a credit or debit card or even a bank account. 3V Vouchers allow you to shop online safely as the expiry date and CVV2 code are delivered separately, to your mobile phone or email when you buy a voucher. 3V Vouchers are disposable prepaid Visa numbers that can be used to shop onlineand can be used at paypal, mail order or over the telephone just like using a standard credit card. The numbers are printed onto a paper receipt and are as easy to buy as mobile phone top ups. They can be bought from participating payzone retailers. You can buy 3V Vouchers in denominations of €10 from €20 up to €350. You can make as many purchases as you like with a 3V Voucher as long as you do not exceed the available balance on that 3V Voucher.

To learn more about this offer please visit their website at

Ruby Card - A prepaid MasterCard available in Ireland with a 2,000 Euro load limit which you can upgrade to a 5,000 Euro limit.

No bank account required, No credit application, No ID required

To purchase the Ruby MasterCard Prepaid Card call 1850 50 51 50 or visit their website at http://www.

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