Bad Credit Cell Phone Plans


There are two types of cell phone plans available to consumers, which are pre-paid plans and billing plans. Pre-paid cell phone plans can only be used with pre-purchased minutes, and are easy to obtain bad credit cell phone plans because they require no credit check. Billing plans require a credit check because a credit line will be issued for cell phone call use by the phone provider, in which you will be billed for on the following month.

Credit checks are obtained by many service providers that provides consumers with post billing plans. If you have a good credit history, you will be able to obtain cell phone plans with no required deposit. However, if you have bad credit, they will most likely require a deposit. These deposits for bad credit cell phone plans can range depending on your past credit. This deposit will be refunded after one year of cell phone plan service. These plans also usually require you to sign a one to two year contract.

Pre-paid cell phone providers are bad credit cell phone plans because they require no credit check. With pre-paid cell phone plans, a consumer will be required to purchase minutes before the phone can be used. The minutes purchased will roll over from month to month, but once the minutes are used up, you will need to purchase additional minutes before the phone can be used again. There are no recurring monthly fees and require no contract.

One company, called Revol offers prepaid cell phone plans that come with unlimited minutes, both locally and nationwide and includes unlimited text messaging with no roaming charges and no activation fees starting at $35 a month. There is a extra fee if you need caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and three way calling. Rates for Revol are fairly cheap and is probably the most cost effective cell phone carrier with bad credit. Your cell phone must be purchased up front, but you won't be stuck in a contract. Another provider that offers pre-paid plans for both wireless internet (mobile hotspot) and cell phones is called Virgin Mobile. They also offer unlimited minutes and they charge a competitive rate for their service. There are no long term contracts, but you must purchase the equipment up front. You can enjoy worry free interruption with them by using a credit or debit card, PayPal account or buying their Top-Up cards at local stores. Next, T-Mobile has unlimited talk prepaid voice plans from $50 monthly which includes National coverage with no roaming charges, 24/7 customer service, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting. You can even add unlimited text messaging for $15 more monthly. Finally, AT&T offers a prepaid package called GoPhone and their packages start at $60 monthly which includes unlimited talk and texting nationwide with no roaming or long distance charges.

It is recommended to consumers in need of bad credit cell phone plans, to pay the deposit with the more common billing plan unless the pre-paid carrier offers unlimited minutes. The overall cost of cell phone minutes using a provider with billing plans is much less expensive then those compared to buying minutes from a pre-paid cell phone provider. Please check with the prepaid phone provider for current rates and cell phone plans. We have no affiliation with the prepaid cell phone providers we have reviewed.