Car Rental With Bad Credit


If your looking for a car rental, but you don't have a credit card because of bad credit, then you still have a few choices or options to choose from.

Your first option is getting a unsecured credit card. Even with bad credit, there are still a few companies that may approve you. Three companies that issue unsecured credit cards to people with bad credit are First Premier Bank, Applied Bank and Orchard Bank.

Your second option, when seeking a car rental is getting a secured credit card. Most of these card providers require a deposit equal to the credit line you are seeking. Make sure they report your payments monthly to the major credit bureaus. Making your payments on time monthly will increase your credit rating. You will also get your deposit returned to you after one year, turning your secured credit card into a unsecured credit card. Its a great way to help you repair your credit rating too.

Your third and maybe one of the most quickest options is to obtain a prepaid credit card. Prepaid credit cards are a excellent alternative for making on-line purchases, car rentals, and hotel reservations. It is also much safer than carrying cash with you. Although, many charge a small loading and monthly service fee. We recommend either using Greendot or Netspend. The reason for this is that they will send you a card with your name on it, which will make it much easier for you to use it for a car rental. Just make sure to call the car rental company before you load your card with money so you will be able to load enough funds to cover the deposit that may be required.

Your fourth option is to open a checking account and make sure you ask them to send you a Visa check card. There is no credit check from the major credit bureaus to receive this card. Your Visa check card will work like a ordinary credit card and your credit line will be the amount you have available in your checking account. If you are listed on the chexsystems and are unable to open a checking account please see our article on opening a checking account while on the chexsystems.

Next, if none of the above options are convenient for you at the time, you can call around to the different car rental companies and ask them if they are willing to accept a cash deposit.

Finally, if your current car is in for repairs because of mechanical failure or accident, you can try asking the repair shop or body shop if they have a loaner car you can use or ask a friend or relative if they can help with your current situation.

Although all information has been written in good faith and reviewed, please email us at [email protected] to report any inaccuracies. We would also love to here feedback on any other options or alternatives that may be able to help our readers seeking a car rental without a major credit card.