Prepaid Credit Card List For On-Line Purchases


Prepaid Credit Cards are a excellent alternative to using your check card or your bank issued card for making on-line purchases, car rental deposits, and hotel reservations. Itis also much safer than carrying cash with you and you won't have to worry about overdraft and over limit fees. Many charge a small monthly service fee and there may be a fee to reload funds onto thecard. Some of these prepaid card issuers also give you the option to order a card with your name on it and allow you to make direct deposits from your paycheck to fund your card. Below we have listedsome prepaid credit cards that are available in the United States.

Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa is one card available and can be ordered by calling their customer service line at 1(801)383-1003 or visiting their website at There is a one time activation fee of $9.95 and you can add a minimum of $20 or a maximum of no more than $2500 in a 48-hour period in cash to your card. There is no creditcheck, income requirements, or bank account needed to get the card and you can receive your card in 7-10 days after approval. You can have deposits sent to your card by direct deposit for free. Youcan also sign up to get free mobile alerts to your cell phone when there is activity going on in your account.

Another prepaid credit card is the Buy Right MasterCard issued by Meta Bank which is available with free direct deposit and online card account tools. This card is accepted atmillions of locations worldwide and you can load cash at over 100,000 locations. There are no credit checks, no bank account needed and no employment verification to get qualified for this prepaidcard.

The Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard or Visa is one our most recommended cards because of its availability and the ability to have a card ordered with your name on it. Thebenefits include no penalty fees, no overdraft fees and has no minimum balance requirements. They also offer free direct deposit and Online bill pay with free withdrawals at thousands ofparticipating ATM's Nationwide. No credit check is required and you can reload for $4.95 at thousands of locations including Rite Aid, CVS, Eckerd, Radio Shack, The Pantry and many others.

Netspend is another prepaid credit card that is offered by Meta Bank and we like to refer them to you because your funds are FDIC insured and they are a member of the BetterBusiness Bureau with a accredited BBB rating of A+. They offer most if not more services then other prepaid providers and have served more then 7 million card holders. They also issue cards with your name imprinted on them.

The Western Union Prepaid MasterCard allows you to carry your money safely and conveniently and lets you shop online anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. You can checkyour card balance anytime online or over the phone and you can reload your prepaid credit card at any participating Western Union Agent location in the United States. You also will not pay anymonthly maintenance fees if you sign up to have your paycheck direct deposited.

Many people ask if prepaid credit cards build credit. The answer is no. Prepaid credit cards can be used like a major credit card to make purchases. The account for thecredit card is opened with a deposit that is then the credit limit. The user can add more money to the card to increase the spending limit. Only the amount of money that is in the account can bespent. If the user tries to spend more than their limit the card will be denied.

Prepaid cards issued by banks and other government-regulated organizations are a new way for consumers to make payments and conduct other financial transactions. There are plenty of situations where a prepaid card might be the most convenient choice, but be sure you understand the key terms and conditions BEFORE you buy.

Many prepaid cards carry protections similar to credit and debit cards. To obtain these benefits, you must follow the instructions for registering and activating your card. Be sure to record your card information, including the customer service telephone number on the back of the card, so you can get a replacement if yours is lost or stolen.

Prepaid credit cards can be very useful for those who want to budget their money and for those who don't have a checking account or credit card. These types of cards generally charge a monthly maintenance fee and could charge additional fees for adding funds to the card and/or making purchases or getting cash.

If you have a problem with a prepaid card, first contact the customer service number. If the problem still isn't resolved, you may want to file a complaint with the proper authorities.

If you have bad credit or no credit and want to build credit, try to obtain a unsecured credit card with a credit line from a subprime card issuer. Two examples of subprime financial lenders areFirst Premier Bank and Orchard Bank. Both of these banks report to the three major credit bureaus. If you get denied for a unsecured cardthen apply for a secured one. Secured credit cards are a great way to build credit if you cannot obtain credit elsewhere. Most secured credit card companies require a deposit equal to the credit line your are seeking. Make sure they report your payment monthly to the major credit bureaus.Making your payments on time monthly will increase your credit rating. You will also get your deposit returned or refunded to you after one year, turning your secured credit card into a unsecured credit card.

In conclusion, prepaid credit cards do not build credit, but are useful for on-line purchases and can be safer then carrying cash.

Disclaimer: All information listed above was written in good faith, but we cannot guarantee accuracy or credit approval. We have no affiliation with any prepaid credit card provider listed in ourarticle above.