Debt Collector Communications With Debtors In The UK


It is unfair to communicate, in whatever form, with consumers in an unclear, misleading or inaccurate manner.

Examples of unfair practices are as follows:

a) The use of official looking documents likely or intended to mislead debtors as to their status, for example, documents made to resemble court claims.

b) Presenting information or leaving out in such a way that it exploits a debtors' lack of knowledge or creates a misleading or false impression.

c) Those contacting debtors not making clear who they work for, who they are, what the purpose of the contact is, or what their role is.

d) Unhelpful and unnecessary use of technical and legal language, for example, use of Latin phrases.

e) Failing to provide creditors or debtors with information on status of debts, for example, not providing requested balance statements when reasonably requested.

f) Contacting debtors at unreasonable times.

g) Disregarding and ignoring debtors' legitimate wishes in respect of where and when to contact them, for example, shift workers who ask not to be telephoned during certain times of the day.

h) Instructing or asking debtors to make contact on premium rate phone numbers

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