Debt consolidation loans in the UK (United Kingdom)


If you are living in the UK and find yourself struggling to keep up with your monthly payments, a debt consolidation loan may be the answer for you. Debt consolidation programs are available for residents of the United Kingdom that can help you reduce your monthly payments, lower outstanding debt, reduce interest rates and combine most if not all of your financial obligations.

List of debt consolidation lenders in the UK (United Kingdom)

Debt Free Direct - A debt management company in the UK that provides solutions for your current debt situation. Their initial advice doesn't cost anything. They can help you reduce your monthly repayments, stop interest from accumulating on serious debt and stop creditor harassment.

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Debt Reducers - A UK debt management/debt consolidation Company registered in England and Wales and a member of DEMSA. They can help United Kingdom residents reduce debts and mortgage payments. They can also consolidate debts from credit cards, loans, etc, and tailor a monthly repayment plan to what you can afford.

Their website is located at

DebtFreeHelpline - A debt counseling service that can help you find a debt solution for your circumstance. The company is registered in England and Wales. They help you reduce or stop interest rates, bothersome creditors and help combine unsecured debt into a reasonable monthly payment. To qualify you must have at least £5000 debt, at least 2 creditors and can afford to pay at least £25 a week. They also offer a program called a Debt Relief Order (DRO), which is a new debt solution introduced by the UK government. To qualify you must be a resident in England and Wales and your total unsecured debts must not exceed £15,000, have no more than £300 of net assets, have a disposable income of no more than £50 a month, you also can't be participating in another formal insolvency procedure. If you are approved for the program, your creditors will not be allowed after one year to take any action to recover their money from you after one year and after that time period your debts will be written off.

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DebtAdvisorCentre - They help people in debt by providing referrals to companies that offers debt management, involuntary arrangements (IVAs), debt consolidation and trust deeds.

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Debt-IVA - They offer solutions for UK Residents to help reduce your payments and to freeze or reduce interest rate charges. Programs offered include a Government backed program called involuntary arrangements (IVAs) for individuals with debt over 15,000 Euros. They also offer debt management plans for people with debts over £2,000 which helps stop interest charges and comes with a single monthly payment. The Trust Deed program is available for Scottish Residents. This program in Scotland in backed by official legislation and is designed to protect your assets and help you become debt free in 36 months.

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Stanhope Financial Solutions - They will handle all of your creditors and help you to reduce your debts up to 70%. They can give you advice on debt management plans, debt consolidation, remortgage, Involuntary Arrangements (IVA) for UK Residents, Protected Trust Deeds for Scotland Residents, and bankruptcy.

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