How long information is kept on you credit reference file - UK


Below we have listed the items and length of time information will be kept on your credit reference file in the UK.

Electoral roll - This information is kept indefinitely.

Bankruptcy - Normally six years from the date the bankruptcy begins, even if discharged (unless the bankruptcy lasts longer than this).

Individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) - Six years from the date the IVA begins, even if completed (unless the IVA lasts longer than this.)

Administration order - Six years from the date of the order, even if paid in full.

County court judgment/high court judgment/decree - Six years from the date of the judgment, even if paid in full (but may be removed if paid in full within one month of the date of judgment).

Live account - Information is collected until the account is closed, then kept for six years.

Closed account - Six years from the date the account is closed.

Default - Six years from the date of the default.

Arrangement to pay - Depends on the terms of the arrangement agreed with the lender.

Searches - Experian and Equifax one year, (or two years for debt collection searches). Callcredit two years.

Alias information - Depends on your circumstances.

Association information - Until the financial link ends, you ask for a disassociation and the credit reference agency changes your records.

Linked addresses - As long as is relevant for credit referencing.

Council of Mortgage Lenders - Six years

CIFAS - Ongoing if there is evidence of fraud.

GAIN - Six years

Sources of this information include Directgov at and further information on UK credit reference files can be found there. Disclaimer: The above information was written in good faith, but we cannot guarantee accuracy.