Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders in the UK (United Kingdom)


If you are living in the UK and have poor to bad credit you can find it difficult to find a lender willing to finance your home. For this reason, our staff has put together some lenders in the United Kingdom who are willing to accept mortgage applications from those with less than perfect credit.

List of bad credit mortgage lenders in the UK (United Kingdom)

Alexander Hall - A mortgage broker located in London that can help you find a loan even if you have bad credit because of mortgage and rent arrears, County Court Judgments (CCJs), defaults, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA), discharged bankruptcy, repossession or Self-employed.

For more information on this mortgage broker please visit their website at

Endsleigh - Independent mortgage advisors in the United Kingdom that can help people with past credit problems such as previous mortgage arrears, non-payment (or late payment) of bills or credit cards, county court judgments (CCJs) and bankruptcy.

Their website is located at

JP-Financial - A professional mortgage broker who specialize in helping people find mortgage loans with bad credit in the UK even if you have a impaired credit record due to credit card defaults and mortgage arrears.

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Mortgages 4 Bad Credit - A service that can refer you to mortgage brokers in the UK that accepts applicants for mortgages even if they had CCJs, defaults, mortgage arrears or a discharged bankruptcy.

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Disclaimer: The above information was written in good faith, but we cannot guarantee accuracy or credit approval. Please check lenders websites for current APR interest rate. If you feel the information is inaccurate or have a lender you wish to add to our list, please email us at [email protected]