Pursuit Of Debt After The Limitation Period - UK


It is the methods by which the debt is collected, in the UK, after The Limitation Period that can be unfair after. This information is in regard to Wales and England.

a) If the debtor has heard nothing from the creditor during the relevant limitation period, it is unfair to pursue the debt.

b) If a creditor has been in regular contact with a debtor before the debt is statute barred, then we do not consider it unfair to continue to attempt to recover the debt.

c) It is unfair to mislead debtors as to their obligations and rights, for example, implying or falsely stating that the debt is still legally recoverable and relying on consumers not knowing the relevant legal provisions, and

d) continuing to press for payment after a debtor has stated that they will not be paying a debt because it is statute barred could amount to harassment contrary to section 40 (1) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970.

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The source of this information was provided from the Office Of Fair Trading at oft.gov.uk and further information on illegal debt collection practices can be found there. Disclaimer: The above information was written in good faith, but we cannot guarantee accuracy or credit approval.